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Iconic T-Shirt

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The iconic T-shirt by legendary LA manufacturer Bella + Canvas is synonymous with urban style and cool classics. A trendy selection of colours and top-quality gear is exactly what makes folks fall in love with the brand.
  • Body fit
  • Soft and smooth fabrics: 145 g/m²
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Made in the United States
Men’s T-Shirt Bella + Canvas
normal fit
S 710 mm 460 mm 220 mm
M 740 mm 510 mm 240 mm
L 760 mm 560 mm 260 mm
XL 790 mm 610 mm 280 mm
XXL 810 mm 660 mm 290 mm

Care Instructions

Wash (and dry) inside out By washing your Clothes on the ‘inside out’, the unavoidable abrasion happens on the inner side of the shirt while the visual outside is not affected. This reduces the risk of unwanted fuzziness and pilling of natural cotton.