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Breathable T-Shirt

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This super light sports shirt is guaranteed to team up with you. The special Just Cool Neoteric™ fabrics help you stay dry when running, climbing and shooting goals.
  • Breathable and fast drying fabrics (140 g/m²)
  • High-quality fashioning with double-stitched seams
  • Collar and sleeves made from same material
  • Printed neck label and elastic band collar
  • Material: 100% polyester
Men’s Breathable T-Shirt | AWDis Cool
normal fit
S 700 mm 480 mm 230 mm
M 725 mm 515 mm 240 mm
L 750 mm 550 mm 250 mm
XL 775 mm 585 mm 250 mm
XXL 800 mm 620 mm 260 mm

Care Instructions

Wash (and dry) inside out By washing your Clothes on the ‘inside out’, the unavoidable abrasion happens on the inner side of the shirt while the visual outside is not affected. This reduces the risk of unwanted fuzziness and pilling of natural cotton.