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Girl’s T-Shirt with Ruffles

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Very small, and très chic. This cheeky girl’s T-shirt comes in fresh colours to put the little princess in the spotlight when she saunters along the path to infant school. Or make mum proud at the next family gathering.
  • Ruffled sleeves and front neckline
  • Formfitting A-line top
  • Light and smooth fabrics: 150 g/m²
  • 100% cotton
Please note: Fits rather small. Order a size bigger if in doubt!
Girl’s T-Shirt with Ruffles | Spreadshirt 1271
slimmer fit
2 Years 400 mm 290 mm 95 mm
4 Years 420 mm 310 mm 100 mm
6 Years 460 mm 350 mm 100 mm
8 Years 500 mm 380 mm 105 mm
10 Years 540 mm 410 mm 110 mm
12 Years 580 mm 440 mm 115 mm

Care Instructions

Wash (and dry) inside out By washing your Clothes on the ‘inside out’, the unavoidable abrasion happens on the inner side of the shirt while the visual outside is not affected. This reduces the risk of unwanted fuzziness and pilling of natural cotton.