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Baby Bodysuit

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Fresh air for small arms: Baby bodysuit with short sleeves for warmer days. Change the bodysuit in a jiffy: Folded shoulder seams that stretch when dressing the baby.
  • 3 Nickel-free snap fasteners
  • Rugged quality Consistency: 200 g/m²
  • Fabrics: 100% organic cotton (heather grey: 85% organic cotton, 15% viscose)
Organic Short-sleeved Baby Bodysuit
normal fit
50/56 (0-1m) 340 mm 200 mm
62 (2-3m) 380 mm 220 mm
68 (3-6m) 410 mm 230 mm
74 (6-9m) 450 mm 240 mm
80 (9-12m) 480 mm 250 mm

Care Instructions

We used a special solution in the printing process, so don´t worry if you notice some discoloration at first. It will disappear after the first wash.

Wash (and dry) inside out By washing your clothes on the ‘inside out’, the unavoidable abrasion happens on the inner side of the shirt while the visual outside is not affected. This reduces the risk of unwanted fuzziness and pilling of natural cotton.

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