Did you know that? - Espadrilles - your unforgettable summer companion

Hast du das Gewusst? - Espadrilles - dein Unvergesslicher Sommer Begleiter

Espadrilles are traditional shoes that originated in Spain. The name "espadrilles" comes from "esparto", a plant that grows in Spain and other Mediterranean countries and is used to make the soles. The production of espadrilles is an artisanal process. First, the soles are made of braided esparto grass or jute. This part of the manufacturing process requires special know-how and skill. The soles are then connected to an upper, often made of cotton or canvas. This material is wrapped around the sole and sewn by hand or machine.

Espadrilles are known for their characteristic braided sole, which gives them a rustic and summery look. They're lightweight, breathable, and come in a variety of styles, from flat slip-ons to wedge heels.

Although the original espadrilles came from Spain, today they are popular worldwide and are manufactured by many well-known fashion brands. They are a popular summer accessory and are worn by men and women alike.